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Cressana® would like to introduce you to DermaCress. After years of research and development, we have managed to bring the caring properties of watercress together in an easy-to-apply cream.

about cressana

Cressana® revived an old watercress nursery in Zwalm in 1983. Miriam Coessens was already convinced of the qualities of cresson when she and her husband Karel van de Velde accidentally discovered the dilapidated cresson nursery in the source area of ​​the Zwalm region.

Cressana® supplied organic watercress to the fresh markets for 17 years. A personal interest in health and nutrition led Cressana® to reserve part of the watercress for juice. This concentrated watercress juice turned out to be very beneficial. Family, friends and neighbors quickly started asking for Cressana® cresson juice. Freezing the juice presented the problem that the cold chain had to be guaranteed. Freeze drying turned out to be the solution.


from cultivation to product

Organic watercress in pure spring water

Organic watercress grows best on a slope and growing watercress requires healthy, flowing water. The source area of ​​the Zwalm region is an extremely suitable cultivation soil.

The watercress season starts as soon as the nights are frost-free and requires alternating sun and some rain.


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