Calcium Rode alg extract BIO Cressana® Nederland
Calcium Rode alg extract BIO Cressana® Nederland

Calcium Red algae extract BIO

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Red algae extract and watercress | 60 veg. capsules

Vegetable calcium from red algae, contributes to the maintenance of strong bones and teeth

The red algae (Lithothamnium calcareum) from BIO Calcium is a coralline algae that is able to absorb minerals and trace elements from seawater and store them in its tissues. This makes this a unique mineral source that is particularly rich in calcium.

Who can benefit from calcium supplementation?

Growing young people, pregnant women and the elderly have an increased need for calcium. Milk and dairy are an important source of calcium in the Western diet. Those who are hypersensitive to dairy products or choose a vegan lifestyle should make good alternative choices to get calcium from food (e.g. watercress, kale, cooked chickpeas, pistachios, peeled sesame seeds). Certain substances in the diet can negatively affect the calcium stores in the body. Phytates in grain products and oxalic acid in rhubarb and spinach can hinder the absorption of calcium. Coffee, tea and alcohol can cause more calcium to leave the body.

Advice to women aged 50 and over

In menopausal women, calcium helps reduce the loss of bone minerals. This is a good thing because low bone mineral density is a risk factor for bone fractures due to osteoporosis. This positive effect of calcium is obtained with a daily intake of 1200 mg calcium from various sources (food, calcium-enriched food and calcium supplements).

Daily dose (2 caps) %RI*
Red algae extract 1440 mg -
of which calcium: 403 mg 50%
Freeze-dried watercress 20 mg -

*RI: Reference intake


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