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Selenium mustard seed BIO

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Vegetable selenium from mustard seeds

Chlorella supports the cleansing effect of the liver

Mustard seeds are able to absorb a lot of selenium from the environment in which they grow. This makes it an excellent source of selenium for us. It is good to know that selenium in its natural form remains available to the body longer compared to selenate or selenite. Selenium is an essential trace element.

What does selenium do?

Our body has 25 functional proteins that require selenium to be active. Through these proteins, the so-called selenoproteins , selenium plays a physiologically active role in the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and in the normal functioning of the immune system. The T cells of the immune system receive a boost so that they can continue to work properly.

Did you know that selenium also gives structure to your hair and nails? Selenium supports the maintenance of healthy hair and strong nails.

There is something extra for men: selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis. Selenium helps provide structure to the tail of the sperm cells.

Why in combination with chlorella?

The combination with chlorella is a surplus. As an antioxidant, selenium helps protect all body cells against oxidative stress. Chlorella helps cleanse the body by supporting the functioning of the liver.

  Daily dose (1 caps) %RI*
Chlorella 300mg -
Mustard seed extract 19 mg -
of which selenium 66 µg 120%
Freeze-dried watercress 15 mg -

*RI: Reference intake


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