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TocoBrazil Healthy Power

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TocoBrazil: Rich in the essential selenium and magnesium. The mineral selenium in TocoBrazil comes from the Brazil nut. But more importantly: this substance is essential to stay healthy, and it is not produced by our body. Enough reasons to make TocoBrazil one of your healthiest habits!

TocoBrazil helps you:

  • in case of energy shortage : contributes to a good function of energy-yielding metabolism²
  • in maintaining normal immune system function1 and electrolyte balance²
  • protect your cells against oxidative stress 1
  • promote thyroid function 1 , which speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight faster
  • in maintaining healthy hair, teeth and strong nails 1
  • in muscle function , protein synthesis & cell division²
  • contributes to normal spermatogenesis 1
  • with a proper function of protein synthesis ²

1 Selenium – ²Magnesium


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