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Konjac root tuber and nettle | 270 capsules

Konjac Fit: Takes away the feeling of hunger.

With Konjac Fit you take away your feeling of hunger naturally!
The secret: the fiber-rich konjac root that has been used in Asia for thousands of years. The active substance – glucomannan – absorbs up to 100 times its own volume. This way you will feel full for up to 4 hours after your meal, you will eat less between meals and you will lose weight faster!

Konjac Fit consists of 100% natural ingredients from konjac root and nettle and is free of fillers or raising agents.
Konjac Fit contributes to

  • maintaining a normal cholesterol level in the blood*
  • weight loss in the context of a low-energy diet*

*glucomannan from konjac root

Nutritional value A* B*
Kj 776 27.7
Kcal 192 6.8
Fats 0.89g 0.03g
Saturated fats 0.2g <0.01g
Salty 0.75 0.02
Carbohydrates 2.8g 0.1g
Protein 4.0g 0.14g
Sugars 1.2g 0.04g
Fibres 78.5g 2.8g
*A: per 100 g
*B: 3 x 2 capsules per daily dose


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