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CressanIndian Javanese turmeric BIO

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Coconut oil, watercress macerate, Javanese turmeric, herbs | 360 ml

Javanese turmeric in an extraordinary mix with watercress macerate

Javanese turmeric (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) – also called Javanese turmeric, zedoar rhizome or Temoe Lawak – has a traditional use in Indonesia and Thailand. The special thing about CressanIndian is that the freeze-dried rhizome of this turmeric is dissolved in Cressana's watercress macerate. The macerate is further enriched with a carrot macerate, cane sugar molasses, a touch of fennel and oregano, ground Brazil nuts, linseed and pumpkin seeds.

What is a macerate?
A macerate is obtained by soaking a plant in an oil for some time. The plant then releases its fat-soluble substances into the oil, creating a superior health product. Cressana only uses high-quality (unrefined) extra virgin coconut oil.

Why is a macerate with coconut oil so unique?
Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids. In English, these fatty acids are called “Medium Chain Triglycerides”, abbreviated as MCTs. MCTs have the property that they are absorbed very quickly into the body, much faster than long-chain fatty acids such as linoleic acid from sunflower oil. The unique thing about the MCTs from a macerate is that they serve as a carrier to ensure that bioactive substances from the plants are absorbed into the body very quickly.

Turmeric promotes digestion
Curcuma xanthorrhiza contains more essential oil than Curcuma longa. That is why this Javanese turmeric provides more pronounced support for digestion, especially after a high-fat meal. Javanese turmeric has a positive influence on the gallbladder.

Turmeric helps increase your resistance.
Javanese turmeric helps strengthen your natural resistance. This type of turmeric is also good for the intestinal flora, for example when traveling to the tropics.

CressanIndian delivers a cocktail of antioxidants
The many ingredients of CressanIndian provide a wide variety of ingredients, including numerous antioxidants. As a whole, CressanIndian contributes to the maintenance of healthy cells and tissues.

Nutritional value per coffee spoon ~5 g
Energy value 42.5 kcal / 174.75 kJ
Carbohydrates 0.25g
Protein 0.12g
Fats 4.55g


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