CressanBeta Rode biet BIO Cressana® Nederland
CressanBeta Rode biet BIO Cressana® Nederland

CressanBeta Organic beetroot

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Beetroot, soy, pineapple, papaya, camucamu and nettle | 60 veg. caps

With natural vitamin K2 from natto!
CressanBeta is a unique blend of traditionally fermented vegetables (beetroot, soy), supplemented with tropical fruits that are typically consumed after meals (papaya, pineapple). The mix still contains camu-camu and nettle.

What is fermentation?
Fermentation refers to the growth of microorganisms (e.g. lactic acid bacteria) on food, and was discovered by chance as an ideal storage technique. We now have other storage methods, and yet traditionally fermented foods are gaining renewed popularity. This is because it is so healthy. Fermented foods are easy to digest. The lactic acid bacteria produce enzymes that digest the food and convert it into easily absorbable nutrients.

Duo of fermented beetroot and natto
Fermented beetroot is the main ingredient of CressanBeta. Lactic acid fermentation turns beet juice into a healthy drink, with tasty red pigments. After fermentation, the health drink undergoes Cressana®'s cold freeze-drying technique, a mild process that preserves lactic acid bacteria. Natto is a traditional Japanese dish prepared by fermenting boiled soybeans. The benign food bacterium Bacillus subtilis natto carries out the fermentation. The consumption of natto dates back more than a thousand years, and is mainly a tradition among Japanese people from the eastern Kanto region.

Papaya and pineapple as favorite desserts
Papaya and pineapple have traditionally been consumed after food, especially after a protein-rich meal. Papaya is native to Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, India and Indonesia, the five largest producers of this tropical fruit. Pineapple is grown en masse in Thailand, Brazil, India, the Philippines and South Africa.

Vitamin K2 from natto
Natto is naturally rich in the vitamin K2 form called menaquinone-7 or MK-7. Vitamin K2 contributes to normal blood clotting and the maintenance of normal bones. With this vitamin K you have a good physiologically active nutrient of high quality.

Daily dose (3 caps) %RI*
Fermented beetroot 1123.5 mg -
Seeds of fermented soy 125 mg -
Freeze-dried watercress 20 mg -
of which vitamin K 15.6 μg 20.8%
Pineapple 121.5 mg -
Papaya 90 mg -
Camu-camu 15 mg -
Nettle leaf 15 mg -

*RI: Reference intake


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