Are your products vegan?
Yes, our products are all completely plant-based and therefore suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

What about fillers and additives?
We don't do that. These are substances that do not contribute to the effectiveness of ingredients.

What is freeze drying and why is it important?
Freeze drying is a controlled process involving...
multiple processes of water being removed from a raw material. Freeze drying is
not unique, yet Cressana® has developed a method that is not used anywhere else in the world. Watercress contains numerous temperature-sensitive substances
components (including PEITC, myrosinase, chlorophyll) that are unique
production method of Cressana® are optimally preserved. Especially PEITC
and myrosinase are extremely sensitive to degradation. If watercress is treated carelessly, these active substances are destroyed. That is why drying techniques that involve warm air (air drying, tunnel drying, spray drying) are actually not suitable for such a health product.

Concentrates in capsules at Cressana® are pure and pure.
In addition to watercress, Cressana® also freeze-dried other concentrates (blueberry, beetroot, etc.) and encapsulated. Unlike most other nutritional supplements, the contents of the capsules of all Cressana products are 100% pure without any additives.
  • No filler
  • No preservatives
  • No anti-caking agents
  • No dyes
  • or other additives.

The use of pure natural raw materials is a priority for optimal quality and absorbability (bioavailability). The capsules are made from GMO-free corn cellulose.