Nieuw! Magnesium bio en Jodium bio Cressana® Nederland

New! Magnesium bio and Iodine bio

Cressana® launches 2 new mineral products, Magnesium bio + watercress and Iodine bio + chlorella and watercress.

About Cressana Iodine bio

Vegetable iodine from kelp helps maintain healthy thyroid function
Oceans are the largest reservoir of iodine and are fed by rivers that transport iodine from weathered rocks. The most important natural sources of iodine are fish, crustaceans and shellfish and the brown seaweed 'kelp'. For humans it is a trace element, which means that it occurs in small amounts in the body. 70 to 80% of this iodine is in our thyroid gland.

Iodine helps normal functioning of the thyroid gland
Iodine is a permanent link in the functioning of the thyroid gland. Iodine contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones. And through these hormones, iodine plays a role in normal energy-yielding metabolism and other physiological processes such as normal growth in children or normal cognitive (mental) functions in adults.

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About Cressana Magnesium bio

Vegetable iodine from kelp helps maintain healthy thyroid function
Magnesium is used in the body by more than 300 enzymes to enable many biological processes to continue. For example, magnesium contributes to the energy-yielding metabolism and the normal functioning of the muscles. The body contains approximately 25 g of magnesium, of which 50-60% is incorporated in the bones, 27% in muscle tissue and less than 1% circulates in the blood. A magnesium deficiency will therefore not easily be noticed through a blood analysis.

Who has a higher need for magnesium?
Active people, athletes, students and the elderly may have an increased need for magnesium. During intensive exercise, the magnesium requirement is easily 10 to 20% higher. You also use a lot of magnesium when you are stressed. As we get older, our body becomes less successful in extracting magnesium from food. Anyone who often eats refined food (white bread, white rice, white pasta) can easily consume 80% less magnesium than those who choose original natural products (brown bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta). Also know that excessive use of caffeine accelerates the excretion of magnesium.

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